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Introduction to Transformer Industry Application
JAINGYIN CITY SOURCE ELECTRICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze River Delta region where the economy is active in China. It has the most developed production and processing base for power equipment, cables, and non-ferrous metal processing products in China.
Since 2004, our company has been selling glass fiber wrapping machines, paper wrapping machines, film sintering machines, flat wire drawing machines, top furnaces, continuous extrusion presses, hydraulic drawing machines, various molds and high temperature resistant insulating paper for transformers, ordinary Insulating paper for winding, epoxy board, laminated paper board, coil spacer, polyimide film, polyester film, glass fiber, paint.
We are good at super alloys, cobalt-based alloys, nickel-based alloys, tungsten steel molds, scrap copper, brass, alloy copper special continuous extruder accessories, and glass fiber wire (160-2 80-2 250-2), Japan Miki’s insulating materials, DuPont’s nomax paper, China-made insulating paper, insulating board, and mica paper.
Our company has sold substation-related machines and materials to 12 countries. We are responsible for the quality. We are missing in this industry for in-depth research and exploration. We look forward to providing our honest and reliable sales services to more old and new friends.


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