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Wire and Cable
Cable industry application
Jiangyin Dayuan Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China Cable City. Guanlin Town, Wuxi City has hundreds of cable companies and the city with the most cable companies in China.
Our company was born in the cable base and provided many cable companies with medium and high speed wire drawing machines, 4-head 8-head wire drawing machines, annealing machines, cable extruders, stranding machines, high-speed rail contact wire drawing machines, aluminum-clad steel production lines, Cable forming machine, cable roll packaging machine, ccv cross-linking production line, bv bvr cable production line, rubber sheathing machine, and all kinds of extruded granular materials, inner shielding material, cable partial discharge detection equipment, breakdown detection equipment, pressure resistance equipment.
We provide whole plant planning for many regions and countries, from high, middle and low voltage, cable equipment, control cables, submarine cables, overhead wires, high-speed rail contact wires, aluminum-clad steel wires, copper-clad aluminum wires.
Our company is constantly learning and innovating, summing up experience in the process of customer use. Looking forward to having the opportunity to discuss cable-related knowledge with you.


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