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Copper Tube
Copper product industry application
JAINGYIN CITY SOURCE ELECTRICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which is an important city for the production of cables, copper products, copper pipe processing, electromagnetic wire production, special copper bars, motor commutators, electromagnetic chucks, and wind power equipment.
Our company provides domestic and foreign customers with copper tube rolling mills, cold drawing machines, molds, and various copper and aluminum rolling mills, annealing equipment, copper tubes, rods, rods, row smelting equipment, copper row rewinding machines, shearing machines, copper Pipe fitting processing equipment, copper forming processing equipment, fully automatic cnc lathe.
Our advantages: Our company is the world's largest air-conditioning pipe company, China Hailiang Copper, Hailiang Vietnam Company, South Korea Air-conditioning Pipe Company, a complete set of cold drawing equipment for copper pipe production lines, efficient coil straightening equipment, and Planetary rolling mill, two-high rolling mill, automatic drawing machine, we provide a complete set of copper processing equipment for copper bar, magnet wire, and cable factories. Low-oxygen cca, oxygen-free upward induction furnace, horizontal continuous casting furnace, downward induction furnace, and aluminum rod pouring furnace.
Our company sells related machines and materials to 12 countries. We are responsible for the quality. We always conduct in-depth research and exploration in this industry, and look forward to providing our honest and reliable sales services to more old and new friends.


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